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 i bust her daily, for sneaking the toothpaste and tooth brush!!! she is always brushing her teeth. in her red, rubber boots!
 stinker dolly
i found them the other morning on the couch like this
 so blessed!
 joey is our little spark plug. she loves to talk, color, create and be excited about everything. she LOVES coloring
 esp on the couch
 and her face
she keeps me on my toes and i love her for it.  little busy joey!


Ursi said...

I remember the one time the girls did each other's makeup -with Markers-when we had our boss's boss over for a meal!!! That was fun!
And I think we still have some kind of colour on our couch. Little girls can be such stinkers, eh???
Lots of love, Ursi

mel said...

i had to talk chris into spraying our new couches with protector, it cost an extra 100...and so far permanent marker, pen, paint, grease, food, pizza sauce!!! and make up has come off with a wipe. can you imagine if we DIDN'T spray the couch! they would be ruined! chris found joey on sat, face COVERED in my mascara! sob sob she is SO busy....

isnt it fun having girls close in age? i know you are reliving the horror through me. hahahaha