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 i found this pic on my phone the other day. ha.  typical joey

i then found ellie like this. she put on her "pack pack" and went off to nana and papa's house to visit
 she tucked her straps around her waist and brought alone bear and olif
 such a card...see the box in the back ground? we got that last week, its been taped 3 times and the kids have played nonstop with it.  this morning i added an empty diaper box. the kids went wild!
 we are taking much advantage of our mornings, and we hit up parks!  yesterday morning nate decided that next time he will bring a school book....hes growing out of parks...and likes to do school with me outside. why not!  awesome plan!
 joey!  happy, happy joey! 
 cani just have a speck of her zest for life!
 beautiful eliana
 i busted her from digging in my bag for "kaka's" and "eats" as she calls food
im totally loving the nice weather, and want to spend ever second of it outside....soon the snow and cold will be here!