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just too fast

this morning, as i woke johana up at 8:30, cause she's sleep till noon if i let her. haha....i picked up my joey bug and pulled her into the chair with me to snuggle and rock. the put her head on my shoulder, i wrapped her blanket around her and rubbed her back.  she reached out for my finger and held on to it
which quickly took me back to minutes after she was born and she was placed on my chest.  she reached out for my finger and held on

what freaked me out is how fast these trying, tiring and troublesome days are really going by.  having littles is fun. good and bad we all know that but all too soon the hugs and cuddles will end.  my little joey, my baby girl. all too soon this will be over and i plan on cherishing, and taking full advantage of being there when they do need some love. i am so grateful that i have the time to be there and give them what they need

the days are long but the years are short

thankful for morning snuggles