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week in a few pics

 nate now cuts the grass with the ride on and the push mower for the edges. he likes it, we like it too!
 great job buddy!
 the other morning ellie played by herself for almost an HOUR.  i was able to get nate's science reading and math reading done during that time.  i am thankful for little things!
 joey likes her juice
she hugs it
joey is so very different from the other 2. she is happy, happy, happy. she lives to have fun. everything is AWESOME and exciting. she is constantly screaming "look! whats that?!?!"  she is a little party

friday morning the kids and i spent 20 mins watching these birds, they would fly off and come back. to the right there was a seagull and crow watching them. it was quite interesting to listen and watch.  too bad i didnt have any binoculars
 i guess its the big in the little
 nate had his eye check up. i took all the kids.  that was fun. not!  i tried to keep the girls entertained while we waited. little miss joey
 and nate! but he doesnt need glasses.  he just has dry eyes and i need to put drops in them
 reading sisters.  ellie was reading to joey the other morning
 i know, i know mom and dad. its a little melanie and little crystal
 close up
 the best selfie i could get at the park
we are doing good. school is actually the best time of the day for me.  nate is doing really well with his attitude and not giving me a problem. actually, he's great to have around.  the girls are keeping me busy.  i have the onset of a head cold coming on, so im gonna go back to the couch and rest!

have a lovely sunday everyone!