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hali part 1

 ellie put her puppies to bed. or jail?  they kids look like they are in jail to me.....haha

after cry and her crew dropped in last wed night on their way home from their family vacation, my sis came up with the most splendid idea. a last min trip to hali. i talked to chris and decided to leave thurs and not tell my parents we were coming up, as a surprise! and they were surprised! yeahhh we pulled it off!

ellie slept for about 1.5!  this can not be comfortable!
 again. not comfortable
 the kids put on a concert thurs night and it was quite good.  they even used special effects. very creative!
 ellie dancing
joey leading the singing
 fri we took the kids to peggys cove
oh my
it was quite the time. charlie and nate thought they were invisible ninjas. they were freaking us out with their jumping and running...we left after 30 mins or so
 somehow aunty gets stuck carrying eliana
 groups shot minus cry
 group shot minus me
 thinking he can jump into the lower level. where the rocks were WET! ummmm NO you cant!
 my little fearless boy child
 papa and my girls
 hahaha crys like "NO CHARLIE!" as she jumps
 telling secrets? love joeys face
 my heart

we visited the swiss air monument. it was the anniversary when we did. im shocked that it was 18 yrs ago. time flies!

 seriously beautiful
we had a great day, went home to pizza and lots of more laughter