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back to home school!

 public school started back this week. every school was different so i decided to have our not back to school party at our house this yr instead of a park. mostly bec nate wanted it here.  i didnt take ONE pic of the party....bec i spent most of it problem solving for the kids!  i had my friend and her crew over and for the love of all things holy. every kid was off the wall! oh well, you win some! you lose some!  so on wed, nate and i started our intro to school. we did about 2 hrs, i went over everything with him and spent time with ellie

i was freaked bec i wasnt sure how the day would go.  every first yr back SUCKS.  so i was prepared for a battle for the gonk show, esp after the disaster play day the day before. but to my shock. nate did AWESOME. and ellie settled herself into playing, for 2 HOURS alone!  what?????

i was so very hot out. +34 by 2, so after jo's nap i took my crew, with a picnic lunch to the EMPTY! splash pad...there was about 20 ppl there! SCORE!  i had the best afternoon. i relaxed in the run, watched the girls and napped.  nate met another home school kid his age, and i need to find his contact info to together with was the best first day of school!!!
 joey and ellie
 blowing kisses to strangers
 my heart. my beating heart. this is my i mom
 and i finally sent off this bad boy for the new yr.  next yr ill be adding miss eliana!
 and i forgot to have chris sign it before i mailed it. oops
first day of grade 4!  wearing swim shorts, cause thats how we roll...and we went to the park after. haha

i plan on adding more work as the weeks go by, slowly entering into school...but with the nice weather, i want to be outside in the morning and afternoons (school during nap time)  and ellie loves her school drawer...i find her sitting at her table working away as i help nate with his work...

so over all it was a great first week back!

sob sob

why must summer end?????????


Ursi said...

We started our school wit a week long field trip to Sandbanks Provincial Park. It was awesome! Other than a few toddlers there were no other kids, and most campsites were empty until Friday night.
Tomorrow we start "real" school. I'm excited to spend focused time with the girls. It's kind of ironic that I spend less time with them during the summer than during the school year.
Gotta go hang my 6th load of laundry after our camping trip. Almost back to normal­čśť

mel said...

thats the best thing about back to school! EMPTY parks! haha and i do get you on the one on one focused time. i find nate opens up as he works away on his classes, and i do miss seeing him around this summer. we are not quite a week back to school and im happy to see us falling into a routine, that seems to be working for everyone...all thoug i will miss my "me" time during the afternoons, im happy to be back in a is busy and full again and i fall into bed do the same thing again the next day. i wouldnt have it any other way!

have a FANTASTIC week of school!!!!!!