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 last friday morning, i was a bit tired from the hard week. so i gave nate 2 independent projects to work on.  he did AWESOME.  the first experiment he spent 45 mins working on!  i gave him a bag of m and m's. he had to sort by color and come up with a habitat for the m &m (the animal) to camouflage themselves in.  then chart how many he could see, how many were hidden etc....the girls spent most of their time in the bath, but joined him for the last part. love  how they sat and watched and didnt take one candy
 then i gave nate an old diaper box and told him to create a habitat for any animal. he chose a bat cave, and spent another hour. ALONE. working on it.  it turned out really neat. i didnt take a pic of the final project but i was impressed with his work
 more science
 fri mornings the garbage truck comes along.  the kids love it. why is that?  haha  joey sat and waited
 holding her baby
 there it is!
 see the smile
 bye!  see you next week!
 bummer. he really is gone


Ursi said...

Must be something about the big truck, the noise, the routine! I remember the milk truck picking up from the collection station that Dad used to run (right across the street from us). It was always great fun watching and hearing it!