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school in the woods!

 tues after joey woke up from her nap. ok, who am i kidding, after i WOKE her up, haha. i packed the stroller up with snacks and the kids and we took off to the woods between our subdivision and the next.  i also packed a book that we needed to do....but first ellie and nate discovered a fort!
 joey just was joey!
i got the girls busy playing, i then set up a fun spot for nate and i and we hit the books
 what is the best thing about home school?!  school outside!
 nate was thrilled
 we bonded
 joey too!
 there is nothing, even after a BAD week (with a certain middle child) that i would rhater do than pack a stroller, with snacks and a book and head out to the trees to just be (ok, im dreaming of the time when I can bring a book for ME, and sit outside and read. ha!)

 joey and i
 ellie sitting in the tree in the woods
again. after a bad week. NOT nate or school related, for the first time ever. hahaha. school time with nate is the time i look forward to the most each day...and i sit here and type it i remember all the hard blogs ive posted in the past and the actually encourages me to keep on dong what im doing

school with nate is enjoyable. predicable, taxing, rewarding and fun!

training ellie has been hard, tiring, exhausting and discouraging the last week. for some reason eliana has chosen this week to test me. to put me through the ringer and bring me to tears.  and as i sit here and type, i would never dreamt that i would type that if it wasnt for nate and his maturity, i would have quit this week, but instead. i have this amazing 9 yr old that i see...tangible "see"  what my tears WILL turn to joy!  if i can go through what i went through almost 5 YRS ago with nate....4 yrs later with his sister, i am encouraged, that i CAN do this! 

its not about book smarts
to me its all about relationship

i.  can.  do.  this!