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home! pt 4

 i had 2 days with the girls, and i really didnt want to do house work. im on vacation! so outside cooking meals and bathing, i tried to do nothing .ha  so i spent quite a bit of time outside with the girls.  i found new parks for them to play at
 they loved it
 and it took joey no time at all to play in the dirt!
at this park we found an apple tree with apples!  the girls picked them and ate them. they were actually quite good to eat. i like my apples a bit more sweet but they enjoyed their apple treat
 joey brought me endless supplies of apples and flowers
"here you go mama. thank you!" she would say
 another day another park. this time joey was trying to JUMP!!! from the TOP of the play structure. she has no fear this one!
 i told her to get own from there!
 ellie climbed to the TOP and down! i was so impressed. nate did it when he was 6
 all by herself!  sitting in the trees
chris and nate came home sunday moring at 5.  i was expecting them around 2-4 am, so i naturally woke up around 4 and stayed awake waiting for them...and wouldnt you now it, at 5 i heard the garage door open and nate came up the stais to drop into bed!  we were super happy to have the boys back. my house is full of laughter, love and life. exactly the way i like it!

thank you mom/dad/cry/char for the wonderful trip!!!!


Ursi said...

Thanks for the update PEI looks beautiful!!! you're gonna have to get Chris to post an entry on YOUR blog about their trip:)

mel said...

thats funny, i said to chris on sunday that he should do a blog post on my blog from their trip. i have a hundreds of pics and videos on my phone from their trip but i wasnt there so im thinking he should blog their trip! well see if he does :)