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party 3

 we did gifts inside, i tried to keep it calm, but that cant happen with 6 kids. haha this is the only pic i got.  jon, jess and copper left after gifts and we then move on to the cakes!
 2 and 4
9 and 9
 ellie was so excited
 paw patrol cake! she really is 4 now! haha
 for q and n's gift we sent them to day camp. yesterday morning cry and i dropped them off all happy and loving

i picked them up crying and tired.  they didnt have a great first day.  after talking to the counselors we decided to send the boys back today and pray for a better day today!

last night nate fell a part. like lost his mind.  i now get what ive been told is how kids act when they come home from school.  bec i home school we havent been exposed to it.  ive decided to send nate back bec i choose not to shelter him but instead give him opportunities to learn how to handle himself in situations that cause him to be uncomfortable, or to show respect to authority that he doesn know.  i want him to grasp how to handle difficult people, and to expose him to life!  i dont want to bubble wrap him, he needs this experience to help him mature more! 

and a huge thanks to those who supported me mon night. there is nothing better than to have friends that you can be raw and vulnerable with, who support you and dont judge. can i get an AMEN! ha
 joey in the car waiting to pick the boys up. shes such a little girl now! sob sob


Ursi said...

Looks like a fun party. If we were closer we could throw Maya in the birthday mix too.
At the beach/splash pad/ playground this afternoon. Planning to do some reading.
Hope your second evening goes better😝

mel said...

id totally toss maya in the mix, then throw a christmas/birthday party for katie and copper (both dec b-days) i dream of afternoons with a book and a chance to read more than a paragraph with out being interrupted by "mom! i need a drink! or mom. im hungry! or MOM i NEED YOU"

as i sat here and typed the above paragraph, no word of a lie. a huge crash happened, followed by a thunk. and ellie yelling "oh no mom! come quick. see what joey did!" so i left the la[ top, went to the bottom of the stairs and found my new, unopened bath gel opened and split. all. over the stairs, the walls, the floor. 2 bottles of bath gel. what a mess to clean up!!!

lesson leant. there is NEVER down time for me to chill and catch a quick blog. sob sob....

this too shall pass AND i didnt even get mad! i just cleaned it up! and on a plus note, my house smells really good now.....