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 my little baby. having a reflective moment. love her!
 chris pulled some videos up to show them some of what they are doing on the father son trip.  personally, i think my trip will be better....but the boys enjoyed watching where they are going, and some of the things they are doing
 the boys have been sharing a bed in the playroom. every night, after i put ellie to bed, she puts herself to bed in their bed. ha and every night i have had to carry her back to her own bed. silly ellie!
 getting ready for another day of camp. after a rough first day, the rest of the week flew by and both boys had a blast. they agree that it was the best gift ever. i am so very pleased with how they behaved!  they got along the whole time!  quinn was SO good. obedient, helpful and over all delightful!  yea for great times!!!
 have fun boys!
 ellie and joey enjoyed going to a park every morning this week. haha
 monkey ellie!
 joey and her boots! yes, its +28 but who cares?  she has her boots on!
 ellie gave her some pushes too
 love them
 they joey, watching ellie pulled herself up on the bar and swung!!!
 shes growing too fast!