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pei pt 2

 since chris took my iphone, which is my camera. i idnt take a lot of pic. for some funny reason, i didnt take one pic of the cottage!  it was on the water, with water access (about a 5 min walk) but not what i would call a beach. the cottage was (i think) an older cottage that was very recently redone. the inside was amazing. new everything and we will for ever call it the ikea cottage.  i think they literally rented a uhaul, went to ikea and bought everything for the cottage, from dishes, to towels, beds, mattress, blankets, bedding, dish towels. you name it! it was from ikea. i would def rent from them again. the view was amazing. the wrap around deck was a nice place to sit and start my school prep

i did a lot of relaxing on the trip. i read 4 books, from cover to cover. colored at least 5 pics and spent time with the family.  the orig plan was for me to spent sat-sat but due to lack of sleep, i had both girls in my room, i left thursday afternoon.  i truly felt like i had a vacation, being there for 5 nights/6 days...but it was so blissful to come home and sleep in my own bed.  ellie slept with me until chris came home, but sat night ellie an i slept from 9-7:30. i woke up feeling like a new woman!
 joey testing the fire pit area put. what a turkey monkey she is!
 going for a little walk
 we hit up the beach on tues. we went to cabot beach, its a provincial park so it has bathrooms :) a perk with ellie (miss pees a lot)  ellie also discovered her hate for seaweed!  oh my. what we went through to get her to touch the sand! haha

joey! it took her about 5 seconds to get covered in dirt
 digging a tunnel in the mud for the boat to get to sea. so fun!
 working away
 we were there for most of the day, a good 5 hrs. the girls played and played, and dug and dug. the best of all, looking back and reflecting on the trip?  the girls didnt fight. not once. not one fight! the whole time!!!  too bad that didnt happen for chris an nate/ quinn and shawn!
 dig, dig, mud, mud! this girl loves a mess
 hahaha she took home a pound of sand on her body/diaper