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party part 2

 i put the kids in teams, to work together and play the games as a team.  team one was q and c
team 2 was q and e
 the kids worked really well on the teams. i had a lot of prizes, so everyone got more than 1. haha.  i made up the games and had cry host it. cause thats how we roll. i create .she delegates. hahaha
 joey watched us play, and joined in after
 quinn's turn
 joey clapped and supported her older siblings and coz's
 copper even tried too
 joey was explaining how it works
 little cousins!
 we played 4 games in total. this was a water relay
 ellie kept up with the older kids
 charlie girl!
 go ellie!
 joey watched in the middle. haha
 this game was ride the zip line and drop the ball on the target. i think i had more fun watching the kids try it out

 quinns turn
 dad helped
 ellie got a bullseye
 quinn again
 joey even went
 she loves the zip line
 copper went down with daddy
 joey watching and pointing