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pei pt 3

 on wed, we drove up to my aunt Shirley's cottage just outside charlottetown.  i haven't been to this cottage in about 20 was long over due. aunt Shirley just retired and came put of an open heart surgery!  amazing lady. wonderful afternoon. i truly enjoyed our visit. esp the last 15 mins. i have a sneaky feeling aunt shirley and i are much a like. the above pic was the best of the lot i took! haha
 me and my joey

i tried to get a pic of the girls in their new matching dresses. its super hard to find matching outfits for them, bec charlie is in the bigger girls sizes, they dont often have matching sets in sizes 2-6x...but we found these and they were 4.00 each! score!
 just out of the tub
 our 3 princesses. so loved watching them spend time together and playing....endless rounds of puppy!
 papa and his girls....notice that joey loves to play with trucks and cars!  nana wasnt available for a pic


shirley said...

hey mel, there is no doubt in my mind that we are very much alike, we have to stay in touch, a reason why I love reading your blog, it was delightful seeing you all.


Aunt Shirley