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 first off, ellie showed me her "tada!"  all the toys she could find all around her stroller!  shes cute, so ill keep and clean up after her! ha
 pre waiting for the group to arrive.  i threw on my last "family" party (ellie aasked if her friends can come next the easy back yard party is over i think)  so nana, papa, aunty, quinn and charlies came up on saturday to spend the night and the party was held on sun....i threw all the kids in (other than charlie) and had a party for all 4 kids
 adorable much?!
 daddy joined the kids for a swim. in the clothes. he ran out from the shop and jumped into the pool. the kids thought it was super funny
 this yr, i made 2 cakes. one for the girls and one for the boys. i had the boys decorate their cake together.  they actually worked together and didnt fight!
 showing me their cake. they are 99 yrs old!
 love it
 peek a boo charlie!
 the girls paw patrol cake
 i send the crew put sun morning to decorate and food prep
 ellie's hat. she loved it
 the yr of our lord, 9942! haha
 her hat in on and she is ready to party
 my little baby-toddler