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 it has rained ALL week!  mon, chris was home taking a sick day. the dude could hardly move from his wkend away. ha so during nap time, i took the older 2 kids out to give chris a quiet afternoon. we hit up the library and played for almost 2 hrs, then we went in the glass elevator, visited the fountains, took a walk and explored the blue cross building. haha

ellie played and made 2 new friends
 then did some puzzles
i LOVE ellies hands. they are the tiniest, daintiest fingers and for some freakish reason i enjoy watching her work with them....puzzles are a great way to watch. haha. im a weird mom
 then mon night, chris took a part the crib and lowered it on the lowest level. sob sob.  this is the last time we will do this. waaaaaaaa my baby is growing up too fast!!!
 there she is. little miss happy party girl!