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ellie's wisdom

so ellie is talking like a mad woman.  i want to post a few of her gems, to remember them when im old...haha

-after filling her bowl with crackers, i said "ellie, what do you say?"
she says "more crackers"
i laughed and said how about a thank you?

leaving walmart, after getting groceries, i loaded the car and she says "no go home! more walmart please!"  she's like me, i like to be out and about. cant wait to take her shopping when she's older!

a few weeks ago, i was talking to nate.  ellie walks up to us and says "yaya! no more talk to mom, ellie talking to mom, be quiet." then she walks over to me and says "hi mom!"  i guess she wanted to talk...

yesterday chris made ellie take a nap, she's hasn't napped for awhile now, so he goes up and tells her in a firm voice to go to sleep.  later on our way to the store ellie says to me "daddy is rude! he says, ellie nap now!  so rude!" hahaha 

her latest song of choice, that she can be found singing is (sung to ring around the rosy)
ring round ellie, pockets full of tractors, yayayaya yayaya all fall down!

ellie's vocab has exploded and its a hoot to listen to her repeat what i say in her own little voice, such a joy she is