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 my ellie joy, watching the water
 my jo jo. being happy!

chris finished my swing last night. i LOVE it. its everything i wanted it to be. i am so blessed to have such a talented dude!  he took my vision and created this baby!
 the middle piece comes out and it can be a swing, put the middle piece in and its a day bed, the swing swings back to front and side to side. i LOVE it
 enjoying the fruits of chris's labour
 last night, chris was putting the final touches on his back pack. chris left this am with 3 dude friends, for a 48 km trek through the back woods, no tents, and carrying everything on their backs.  im like, have fun dude, ill see you sunday night!
 all ready to go!  i hope he has a GREAT time away, in the woods, alone with no kids or responsibilities and just chill with the guys!.  you deserve it chris, we love you!