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hali pt 1

 the girls playing with the outside houses. they love these things.
 fri morning, we took the kids to upper clements park in annapolis valley (so pretty!)  n.s. its a good 2 hr drive from hali, and its been 23 YRS since ive been there.  it brought back memories...of a lifetime ago, one with total freedom, 100% selfishness, a me centered life...NOT that anything is wrong with that!!!i was 18 ish...haha BUT i would not trade it for anything!

we got the kids dressed and i realised that i they all matched, it was NOT planned but from now on, i am so going to this. it was so easy to stay together as a group!
 some how, cry and i ended up in the van with ALL the kids!  the men drove together. hahaha
 nate doing what he always does!!! he is such a mini chris.  looking at the map! then he got a paper copy to carry around!
 the kids. mom and dad offered to keep jo for the day. i was reluctant at first bec, when i bought and booked the trip, i planned on bringing johana.  but i decided to leave her with them. SO glad.  mom and dad had a great day with their last grand baby girl.  their baby watching days are almost over!
checking her cute