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i'm ok!

 ellie fell with a huge crash, i look over and i see this and she says "im ok mommy, im ok"  SO different from nate!
 then she turned my stamps into ear phones!
 helping nate with his science project. we made a cool jellyfish in a bottle
 see!?  its there and its cool
 then we did a experiment on how currants work. it was fun, then we ate the pop cycle
 lots of education was had
 and some microscoping too
 nate was looking at a piece of rice...ha
today was our last official day of school, we are going to spend some time next week finishing up the last chapter of science bit over all we are done school this year!!!  and after 3 yrs of home schooling, i would not change it! i love it!  even on the hard days!

p.s i do think its funny that my friends are freaking out that they have their kids FULL time now, what will they DO????hahahahahaha....