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 we left on fri to head up to hali for charlies 7th b-day.  about 30 mins in, ellie quietly puked. twice. sigh. life with kids is FUN stuff....after we striped her down and covered her in blankets we gave her the paper bag in case she needed to puke again. she didnt. and papa had the bath tub ready when we arrived. ha

we took the kids to the discovery center on sat.  we were prepared to pay the family admission (40.00) but when we got there we found out it was ocean day and there was FREE admission! yipee!  our group saved 80!
 it was so nice having chris with us. shawn was working so chris came along with us. he was a real sport about it and a HUGE help to me.  thanks babe

typical boys. haha
 there was 4 levels, it was a good size place. there was a dinosaur display the girls quite enjoyed that
 and an innovation room
 quinn did a great job creating 4 or so different circuits
 the group
 hilarious.  watching joey watch herself on the big screen
 and they ran...and ran....
 and danced and jumped
 no wonder they crashed that night
 joey in the helicopter
 and riding the bike to create a wind tunnel to propel an airplane
 dissecting a squid
 and then we found the 4th floor. oh my word.  it was a play center and play they did
 they had a store, with everything you can imagine in it
 they shopped, and played and played
 inside the store, there was a music room, a huge stage, a bubble room, construction site, animal hospital, a farm, a reading room, a construction zone and a few other's that we didnt get to
 a real cash register
 chris at the animal hospital that had a working ambulance and x-ray machine
 it was impressive
 the food came from the farm and went to the store
 apples from the tree, eggs from a chicken, milk from a cow and a huge garden with produce growing
 and a tractor
 construction zone
 joey in her construction suit. that she put on herself
 some played out, tired kids! 
it was totally worth 40 but im glad we didnt spend that. haha but its a great place to take the kids

and with that, i wrap up another weekend and start another week!