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zoo crew

 we met up with our home school friends at the zoo.  there was 9 kids,  it was fun, fun, fun. hahaha.  the zoo is getting busier with tourist season upon us, so i might change up the routine and go later in the day...and when its not hot.  when we went, it was actually cool, around 22 which was perfect for me.  not too hot, not too cold.  i skipped joeys nap and packed a picnic lunch.  it was a full, fun day. and thankfully joey had her MASSIVE tempter fit before we left the house and not at the zoo. haha

look how high ellie can climb now!

we hit up the exhibits on the reptiles
 and caught the show where they feed the tigers.  joey joined and STAYED with the kids for the whole show!
 and she watched it!
 feeding the tigers
 nate and Sebastian. he's a great kid and they get along well!  this family has 4 kids, all the ages match my kids. genders too. except we are missing our 7 yr old boy...:(
 haha just kidding they wanted a pic like this
 we left the zoo around 3, because my kids wanted to come home to swim. and they did!  for almost an hr.  joey LOVES the water and im thinking we made the right choice by setting the small pool up again this yr. nate's been really good about it
 and i might have used the pool time as bath time too. haha