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land time

 last night, after another hellish day. sigh. this week the kids, all of them, have been acting up! im at my wits end with them. yesterday was horrid. i was counting the hrs until chris was home.  and if it wasnt for my prebooked coffee time with a tonight id LOSE it. haha but i have something to look forward too and i can get through the day. ha

we went to the land, we picked chris up after work and drove right out.  i picked up some chairs at the dollar store for the girls, they will have to do until i can find small camp chairs. the girls liked them
 but they fell a lot. haha

and yes, that would be joey holding her dinosaurs. she LOVES dinosaurs
 i LOVE how ellie sits like this .such a little lady
 i was there too
 we brought spray chalk and it worked!  the girls stayed outside the circle and i had peace of mind
 chris took this one. i think he was thinking "my favorite things" food and me. hahahaha
 i can not even begin to describe the dirt factor on this girl. hahaha
 she was laughing. so cute
 camp boy
 forest girl
 tree child
 hiding boy. haha
 we were out there for 3 hrs. we cooked supper, took a few walks, i sat at the fire and listened to the birds and enjoyed being outside.  even though its been a craptastic week, you simply can not be in a bad mood in the woods!

chris finally to the stick to the sign. the land is SOLD
 whack, whack
 and down she goes
 its our land now
 i found joey like this, she said she was "cleaning"
 she even moved the chairs to get under them. haha


Anonymous said...

We totally forgot to leave our kids camping chairs with you!!! We intended to use them on the island and then leave them with you. We had them packed under the girls seats so we didn't see them when we repacked the van at your house. I think we bought one of ours at Canadian Tire, the other ones were hand-me-downs.