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my happy place!

 sun night, i discovered something that was shocking.  other than my family, my personal happy place is the land.

i LOVE this place
thinking about it
visiting it, makes me HAPPY
i NEVER thought that "in the middle of nowhere" brings me such happiness

i LOVE this place. so i asked chris to go tonight
and we did

 ellie lead the way
with joe behind
joey insisted on dressing herself, then after she did she asked me "where did chase go?" haha
he's on your back silly
 chris took the time to show me where he marked the land, the power poles! the driveway!  SO exciting!
 showing me what nate and chris marked
 trees the "men" dug up
 my men. im so proud of them
 as i walked on to my happy place, y bug screen tent. haha. although, since ursi showed me the light on the BEST bug spray,  i dont need this tent as much, ha. i was simply, really thankful, for what i have.
 then i looked over and saw this. my girls, went and got their chairs.  ellie sitting cross legged.  joey missing her pants.  why you ask?  because she PEED on them. hahahahaha
 ellie joy
 chris took the kids, while i manned the fire, i truly enjoy this
 see!  grubby, dirty, in the middle of my land. i LOVE this
 then entertained us by putting on a show.
with her little bum hanging out
 then ellie-joy put on chris's safety gear. thanks JEFF! ( i MAKE him use it!, for real, THANK you!!!!)
 she looks GREAT in it. haha
 joey and her pant less entertainment
 nate too!!!! and joey in the back ground. haha
 as supper was cooking, i saw this
 i grabbed mt phone and snapped away
i am blessed beyond measure
 after supper ellie put on a show for me
 gosh. i love her
 then chris took the girls in the backhoe
 i took a few pics
 i was amazed by how happy they looked
 with their dad
 i am truly, thankful for all that i have
 backhoe and all...
 then we came home, to peek at nate's new color!
i LOVE it!
 i cant wait to see more...