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 i had to get blood work bright and early fri morning, so i picked up a mini cake for joey knowing chris would be home to sing to her fri morning.  joey is 3!
she was like "my cake! my CAKE!"  sure joey! its a cake. haha
 she blew out her candles
 and made a wish (for a puppy, so NOT happening)
 and stuffed that donut in. haha
 we went to the park after the cake/donut
 i taught the girls how to roll down a hill
 rolll rollllll
so fun!
 they enjoyed it
 tumble tumble
 they are growing up much too fast
 nate and joey
 deep thoughts
 joey can now climb the ladder by herself!
 where did my baby go!?
 see mom "i DID it!"
 i saw this and knew exactly what it was. ellie didnt want to get wet from the morning dew, so she picked grass and sat on it.  i called her over and asked and yep, she did it to keep dry. i know my ellie girl.  shes a problem solver!
and that is a peek into my week

quinn and the kids re loving their time together, things are going really well!  im impressed by how how good things are going!  the days are busy! i go to bed tired, ok exhausted. be proud cry and shawn you guys have a great kid!!!

and on to the weekend!  its gonna be busy!