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 chris took tues off, in place of taking vacation weeks off this yr, we decided to take days off....and i LOVE it.  i LOVED having an extra day with chris around this week, it really helps me out!  so on tues during joey's much needed nap time!  i took ellie out.  i wanted to spend time with her, and i asked her what she wanted to do.  she said "go to lots of stores with you"  AWESOME. ha so we went to about 5 different stores, and i spent a total of 35.00...including milk, cream. bread and meat...and cough 7.00 at micheals....ha....BUT at micheals (my second happy place) i watched ellie play for 20 mins....hahaha she made a CHICKEN COOP!  ursi, you would be proud. haha
 today, after the kids ALL slept in until 8:20, when nate came to see me, the girls following at 8:30.  we spent 30 mins in my bed. just talking and laughing. i told them all that i love that i can be home with them...even though it can be not so fun for me at times....but i wouldn't trade it for anything ....i decided to skip joeys nap and go to the zoo, with just my crew...but before we went, we had to visit dad first!  joey put her hat on
 and ellie sang to the cd looking adorable
 once we met up with chris, i said to chris " we dont have any pics of us" we took this
then he made fun of my hat. haha
 joey ran!
 we dropped chris off at work, then i took my crew to the ZOO!  it was 20 when we got there.  we saw the newest addition to the zoo! the flamingos! 

i LOVE them
so did my girls, in always matching outfits (way easier for me to keep track of in public)
 and i took this for cry,  we LOVE flamingos!
 then we watched the monkeys. so fun. i took the girls to the park to play while nate stayed and watched the zoo's monkey show
 snack/juice/water refill. LOVE the look on joey's face.  i enjoy watching nate's bond with joey.  its different than with ellie, but still special. he really is the best big brother
 then we took in the tiger show.  it was different than the last show we saw last week.  joey sat there with nate and participated in the show. she actually put her hand up twice to ask questions
 ellie was not as impressed
 so. the funniest thing EVER.  lol
nate went to go to the loo. he called me in yelling
i went to go see
and saw this
what the heck???
i called chris. laughing my butt off
chris ordered glow in the dark, color changing TOILET sensors for not 1, or 2 BUT 3 of the toilets. OMGOODNESS. i laughed SO hard. 
this is SO chris
 not sure if ill keep mine on. hahaha

then i asked "what did you pay for this?"  hahaha no worries. its way under budget..

and that was a quick peek into our life

oh, and nates walls are still tacky (NEVER using cheap paint again!) so i hope to move his stuff into his room tomorrow night...