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the room!

 ive been for EVER wanting to finish nate's room. this weekend-week we ARE!

sunday afternoon nate joined me to prep his room for the paint.  i had so much fun with nate, just him and i.  we talked. we joked. we worked and i shared with him that to me, this paint job is HUGE deal.  i told him how i picked the "baby blue" color 9 yrs ago.

so much has happened....

and we say BYE to the baby blue i chose for him, so long ago
 to the new color nate chose for his new room....and i freaking LOVE the color! its a dark "army green"

chris, spent LONG hrs into the early morning cutting in, so i could paint on monday
 but the BEST. was little joe, walking into the room saying "mama, what happened" hahaha

after i put joey-jo to nap. i (neglected) ellie and let her watch paw patrol, while chris and nate were at the  land, i put on the BEST pod cast, turned the volume UP, and i listened to a home school mama share her heart as i painted. and i heard god speak to my heart, really and truly, speak to my heart. i painted and cried....
 but dont forget little jo. ha
 sippy cup and all....
stay tuned to nate's new room...