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 sunday evening cry, shawn, charlie and quinn arrived in moncton for the night.  they stayed in a hotel that had a water slide so after i put the girls to bed i  sneaked over with nate to enjoy a chat with my sis and seeing the kids.

when i came into the room i giggled when i saw charlie claimed and marked her bed. haha
 cant wait to get to the pool. snorkel gear already on. in the elevator!
 the kids swam and slid from 8-10.  the original plan was for quinn to stay with us mon-sun. but he ended up coming home with me sun night to start his week with us earlier. haha....the boys were up until 11! but did SO good on monday.  actually they have been good all week!  honestly, whats another kid? haha
 charlie's turn
 more charlie
 happy shawn
 around 9:30 the pool emptied and the kids had it to them selves
score!  then it was home for BED!