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 when chris came home fri, we loaded up my crew and took off to halifax for the july 1st celebrations....we planned, BEFORE the weather told us what to expect. sigh. and the weather totally destroyed our plans   for the weekend. sigh....we ended up going to the carnival...which my sis and i got to see ellie's personality shine through......stay tuned.....we got to the carnival and the older kids got cotton candy!
 but ellie-joy wanted cotton candy too! so what did she do?  she joined the line, all, by, herself to get her OWN.  my sis and i saw this all go down.  my little ellie joy is a lot like my sister.  its so cool to sit back and watch her (ellie) personality come through...
 joey and quinn
 i cant get get enough. too cute
 my joey!
 ELLIE got her cotton candy!
 and joey too
 haha. pop corn and cotton candy!
 so, after we came home from the carnival i decided to wear leggings....with NO pockets and didnt take a pic from sat afternoon till sun morning!  i can yell you this.  i hot tubed (thanks shawn and chris)  twice, ha

and i did snap these sun morning, before we left breaky pics...

the crew...
 and again
chris and my fam-jam left sun morning to arrive to our long list of things to do!