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 quinn trying to look like chris. not too bad i think...tuesday afternoon we went to the zoo!  quinn was king of the day and he had the power to choose where to go, what to see and what to do.  we simply followed him. ha but he did listen to ellie and went to the park first

man. the zoo was PACKED. i had to park at the back, it was SO busy. there had to be over 75 kids at the park alone. if i was alone i would have just left, but because quinn was there, he stayed with joey and that freed me up to follow ellie. man it was SO busy. the weather was perfect, more on the cold side than hot which is perfect for me!

 quinn helping joey down the slide
 see how he's checking on her?  so cute and a HUGE help. quinn is an awesome big cousin
 adorable much?!
 i knew i should have brought the dbl wide. oh well. we made due. ha  quinn pushed for most of the afternoon
 me and my "au natural" look. ive decided to not color my hair and age...besides its not grey hair its sparkles!
 joey playing around.  it was 4:30 at this point. 3 hrs at the zoo and my crew were hungry...we left around 5, got home for a quick supper (thanks chris!) and an early bedtime for the girls...the boys and i watched our shows until their bed time...then i crashed. ha
 joey, my little joey!
 quinn my helper extraordinaire!