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 monday after joeys nap (that she put herself to bed) we met up with chris on main st, had a coffee and i took the kids to the library...the kids enjoyed the fountain
 quinn did some research
 nate was reading. ha
 joey was playing

after the library we went home for bbq steak, quinn's favorite. ha.  i took the boys out to run errands one was finding this bad boy with about 50 choices to choose from.  but i got the right one! 
 tuesday morning before the zoo, we went to the park at the end of the street. the ymca had set up activities for the kids. super fun and wore them out. ha
 running the course
 ellie and joey participated too
 quinn helped ellie make her super hero
 then the boys spent time making some decorations for the party on sunday...
 working hard
love the creativity...
thats a quick peek into the visit so far...ill update more later when i have a second...