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 nate was out yesterday at a friends house, and a package came i told ellie we cant open it until he gets home.  i kept them up past their bedtime to open it.  ellie ate supper looking at the package

 finally!  nate was home.  and joey came to check things out
 waiting so patiently
 seeing her card was a veggie tales!  big hit
 as soon as ellie saw the hat she said "im going to wear this at the land!"  for real. haha
 joey listening to daddy read her card
 getting excited
 "me open!"
 and she did
 tada!  the frog now joins her baby doll and blanket in her bed
 trying on her hat
 the girls in their birthday dresses. i LOVE them muetti!  they are perfect. thank you so much for all the thought and time you put into their gifts.
 ellie and i did the puzzle today...
6 times
 proud of herself
 nate is gone again today, his social life is busier than mine!  he was invited to freddy for a day of i hung out with the girls. we hit the park before it got too hot out
 ellie made it to the TOP!
 me. in the it!
 after joey's no nap. sigh. and poop mess resulting in a bath and complete bedding and carpet wash...we went to visit daddy and i wanted ice cream. so we got one.  and joey kicked off her shoes, sat back ate her ice cream and sang "i love ice cream. yummy, yummy ice cream"
and that is a quick peek into my week...i type fast and post pics because ill forget it all...hahaha


wk-eigenheer said...

Thank you Melanie for the birthday pictures.I feel to be at the celebration whit you all . I love the girls! Vati assisted by the choosing of the dresses!