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part 5

 sunday we decided to spend time at the land.  i found ellie like this.  such a little lady
 joey wanted a picture too
 chris got a new lighter
 us girls!
 LOVE it.  my new fav pic. see ellie's eyes?
 and 5 mins later she was out
 then joey
 and i mean out tired
 we arrived and i took my time walking to the camp
 joey showed me everything she found along the way
 ellie too
 my picnic basket!
 nate's requested appy. a salad
 the kids waiting for supper
 oh ellie!
 nice nate
 my heart
 she was pretending to sleep
 love her
 then daddy went to play with the backhoe. the kids played too see
 my loves
 then we cleaned up the kids, oh they were a mess from playing in the dirt.  headed home for baths!  we had a great evening. 

and that is a quick peek into our last few days...