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ellie is 5!!

its been another day, full of screams, fights, heat, joy, poop accidents, no naps and laughter.  im attempting to sneak in a blog while the girls are quietly playing...

the last few days ive done a lot of thinking, reflecting and remembering eliana.  ellie turned 5 on tuesday.  because the party is not until next weekend, i wanted to do something small to celebrate each girl.  for ellie, i took her to walmart and pet her pick out her long waited for cake.  every time we go to walmart she see's the cake and asks for it. i always say "not today, maybe on your birthday"  so on her birthday she lead the way to show me where this cake is...and also asked for a fruit leather and a pack of pastries...which i got, well, it was her birthday! haha

we then went to the land, and spent the evening cooking food, laughing, eating cake and chris started marking the trail...

but ive been in thought about eliana.  the last few weeks have been rough. im going through challenges and ellie's going through a phase.  then with saturday's events. im in deep thought about life, and all that goes with parenting...

even at the end of a rough day, im grateful for being a mom. even though im finding myself crawling on my knees in the dark, feeling for the path and knocking myself out in the darkness. haha

on the eve of ellies birthday, i crawled into bed with her, snuggled her up and cried.  i soaked her hair with tears, and i deeply thanked god for this girl.

ellie brought laughter and joy/fun and life into our family. we needed her smile and giggle. we needed her so much.  the amazement ive had the last 5 yrs watching the connection between nate and ellie, their friendship and laughter. she made nate a big brother. and at the same time showed me how tender and loving my son really is.

ellie is her daddy's joy. his delight. she is is shop buddy. she LOVES to ask deep questions and seek answered with lots of information.  she is a lot like her dad.  a problem solver. logical. analytical. a leader in a pink, sparkly dress with her pack pack on and her hair piled up on her head like a little lady

ellie is her papa's princess. her nana's sweet babboo

ellie has her aunty's heart and loves her uncle shawn so much.  "uncle shawn you're awesome"

ellie is the fight for favorite with her cousins

she is her sister's "best friend"

ellie is my helper, my reading partner, my cuddle angel, singing songs when she's happy, playing alone with full conversations that are so entertaining to hear and most important. ellie is a promise that "my god has answered my prayers"

ellie-joy. i love you. i love teaching you. i love baking with you and shopping. i love having you chatter away. i am grateful that you are mine. that you are here. that god had his angel of protection over you.

i love you eliana rhe. i cant wait to see the next 5 yrs! 

happy birthday ellie girl!


Papa said...

In all things I say give thanks, and again I say give thanks for ALL HIS many Blessings.