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 for the longest time, ive felt to blah to even *gasp* read.  my book stack is growing and ive lacked the energy to pick them up and start one....anyways this week i saw this one and picked it up. SO very good, after i put the boys to bed at night i'd run up to my room to read until i fell asleep.  it took me 3 days to finish it.  excellent book. i have another one i hope to start next week. 

on my way to bed i found clifford...i guess ellie took him for a walk. poor clifford. haha
 fri morning, the kids were FULL of energy so i thought "man, chris needs to participate in this energy" so i picked him up from work and we all went to the park. haha. the kids kept busy with filling the slide with rocks, then sliding on the rocks. AWESOME for pretty dresses!  sigh.
 yea, super fun!
 enjoying his work