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part 2

 sunday nate joined me in the big church. hes not interested in going to his call anymore. so be brought his juice in a coffee mug, bible, notebook and pen and joined me. i LOVED having him with me.  so fun.  he really is a big kid now
 listening, taking notes and drawing
 sunday after church. i loaded up the van and took my crew to halifax for the week. it was the annual kid camp. next yr joey will be old enough to attend her class! 
 quinn was busy working on his own kids camp.  quinn put on his own, it was a hoot. he had decorations all over the house. great job quinn. this was a water fall
 mon morning i took joey to the park.  i had to have my java after not having much sleep the night how the sun shines on my coffee mug
 joey played in the dirt. why? thats what she does. she's a mess of dirt
 i think this is my fav pic of me and my sis
SO thankful
SO grateful for this girl.  she was such a huge help and support to me this week.  i have no words, thank you sis for EVERYTHING
 cry and her crew.  we took the kids for a walk and ice cream sun night
oops. thats not quinn. thats nate. hahaha

 i told the girls to not get their new dresses wet, joey then lifted the back of her dress over her head. hahaha but she stayed dry and clean. until she got the ice cream. sigh
 exploring the water and rocks
 another morning another park. my joey and i
 i tried to do an activity with the kids.  we attempted paper mache masks.  it was too humid and they didnt turn out BUT we kept busy for an hr
 then the girls made a garden, they spent 2 afternoons working on this.  digging plants and weeds up from the woods and planting them in their garden
 another morning, another park.  more rocks to play with
 she said "i see you mommy"
 2 afternoons cry and i took the kids to the beach, they loved it. hey! its water, dirt and sand. why not like it? haha
 wind blown eliana
 joey, joey, joey, such a spark of life