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 please notice that johana is laying on her plate of food.  that would be a pile of ketchup on her legs. sigh.

for birthday supper we had FISH!  oh my, it was SO good.
 then it was cake time!
 for me???  i did surprise her with the sparklers. ha and she was told not to touch them
 the much wanted carrot cake. it was actually good.  id get another one
 more singing
 when chris went to start the trail to the river, i kept the girls up with me.  joey put on a show, many songs were sung. she is such a card!
 running on one of the trails chris started on
 i love it, its amazing how much easier it is to walk on
 the kids liked it too
 my 3
 love joey's face
 more trail
 joey can now walk by herself
 joey. she is such a ham
 she came in yesterday. soaked. i mean soaked.  she said to me "i got a little wet. i sorry" hahaha
ill keep her, even though she is so dirty and busy!