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part 1

 one day last week, i have no clue what day it was because im so behind my blog. haha. ellie came down like this. she needed help getting dressed. hahaha

joey and a bowl of water = an HOUR of play
 so. much. fun
 pour, splash, lots of fun
 i asked nate to clean up the front room .and he did
 GREAT job buddy
 we went to the land one night last week, and i forgot to show pics of the table chris made for me. i LOVE it. so much easier to get supper ready on
 and a little bench, he also got me a cup holder made from a log. love it
 our little set up
 grub!  we had sausages, and FISH. the kids and i ate ALL of it. it was SO good
 joey and her rocks
 put your dress down joey girl!
 snack time
 my little crew
 daddy watching the food, while i sat and ate
 then the kids went to jump in the hole that the back hoe dug
 its so fun to get dirty!
 then joey kicked off her boots, and took a nap
 saturday nate and i hit up a few yard sales. i spent 2.25! haha nate had left over sausages on a stick for breakfast.