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water fowl park!

 we had a quick lunch in the van because it was too cold/windy outside. then off we went to sackville to walk the water fowl.  my girls were tired at this point, so i ran back and grabbed the dbl wide for them to ride in.  quinn pushed it for most of the trail

we saw ducks, birds, fish, trees, flowers and had a lovely chat as we walked
 energy in a cup you say? why YES ill have one please!  haha
 stopping to watch the ducks
 see. ducks
 it started to sputter rain, so we packed up and headed into the information area, where i was able to entertain the kids for 30 mins...then we hit up mcdees for ice cream and a nice drive through dorchester/memramcook
 inside the center. lots of kid activities
 "but i cant see anything!"
 and about 5 mins after joey ate her ice cream. she took a little shut eye
and that was thursday  afternoon!  chris took the boys back to the land thurs night where he worked them for 2 hrs. they got a lot done! and the boys enjoyed the hard work/tree clearing/backhoe riding