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joey is 3!

i simply can not believe my little baby is 3!  what the flip? how did 3 yrs go by so fast?  my baby girl.  my unexpected surprise!  you are officially a preschooler. bye bye baby and toddler!  sigh you are our little independent "i do it MYSELF" and "i dont need help" and lots of "i dont need to hold hands"  but you will always have the men in your life there to hold your hand

to describe you, would be a dirt magnet, you simply walk and the dirt, mud, sticks and stones jump on to you.  you are the messiest player, eater, dancer, walker, swimmer, sitting at the table eating markers girl!  you LOVE to smile. you LOVE to laugh. you LOVE to sleep and eat.  you put on shows no matter who the audience is. you love your brother and sister.  you love life. 

you are also feisty, cranky and so very silly.  you are the perfect way to end our family.  your energy is astonishing, you just go, go, go!  you have a huge voice and let us all know exactly how you feel, you wake up cranky wanting more sleep and you love to cuddle with mama...for goodness joey girl! you are much like your mama. ha ha

i pray that as i grow and change through my parenting stage god will show me how to raise you to be the lady he created you to be.  i love you with all my heart, you bring so much joy and laughter to my day.  ive grown with patience and understanding with you...and cant wait to see what this year has for you!

i LOVE you joey girl