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 this morning, i took the crew to the park.  the kids played "the lions den!"  and king of something. it was super cute to watch.  i LOVE having the extra set of hands and eyes to help me with the girls
 we then went for a walk, i found these fun, bright berries on the trail!
 and this huge open field behind some houses.  imagine this in your back yard?  ellie saw "a hole' and we went to investigate it.  joey ran, the whole way. i was like RUN child, get tired you are SO napping today. hahaha
 my crew
 inside the hole we found tonnes of trails!  it was the neatest little place. ill def be back to investigate it more later when we have time
 i can do this mommy thing!  just let them go wild in the woods. ha
 i even let the boys climb trees. this is quinn getting apples for the kids (eww) to eat
 quinn climbed for nate
 and back to the park for some sister bonding. joey was ready for home and her nap. ha
 during nap time, i let the kids put a movie on the screen. they all asked for apples but after a few bites changed their minds wanting pop corn. i said "be like king herod and bring me the apples (john) chewed to the core on a silver platter)  they thought that was funny and about 15 mins later they came up with this
 hahaha i laughed and they had pop corn!