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 so last week, after nate saw sab's new summer look, nate asked me if i could do the same cute on him, that his friend i did! i kinda wanted to do this with nate this summer BUT not after i JUST cut his hair. hahah

so, before...
 and after!  i really like it!
 then, my girls who JUST HAD A BATH!!!!! decided to spent 2 HOURS. ok, 1 hr and 45 mins in the SANDBOX,  hahaha.  they had so much fun, i just went with it.  when they were done, i literally wrapped joey in a towel and carried her back to the TUB to hose her down....but hey, they had so much fun! ha
 who would have ever dreamed that when chris made the sandbox for nate, that 5 yrs later ellie and joey would use this box?

sometime we cant see the future
but god can
 fri morning we literally spent the morning making presents for nana's birthday.  to be honest, o woke up not feeling like the best mom, i decided to go forward with my plan to make the necklaces for mom. om so very glad i did. 

i had the chance to watch my kids, each make their own necklace for mom for her birthday

we spent en HOUR, making them
 joey and ellie working away
 so much love
 we love you nana!
 ellie made her necklace 100% on her own
and for some sad reason, all the pictures i took of nate making his didnt turn out.  which im sad, because my so "logical kid" put a lot of work in to his creation...
 after the jewellery was made,  i went up to wrap them and came down to this
the kids insisted (ok, ellie. ha) that i get nana a BALLOON. ha my oldest and youngest were absorbed my books....i hope they continue this love for literature
 johana was reading "jesus loves me" and that he does. he really loves you joey girl
 nate was reading his charlie brown book, that papa (nana) gave him...haha