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 we did some side walk chalk, hit up yard sales, drank some coffee and enjoyed the day...

then we packed up and hit the land. the girls had a power nap on the way there
 we visited the chipper on the way
 the girls climbed the wood chips that chris made that morning to play, i mean practice his wood chipper, whom we affectionately call big bertha
 fire was started. supper was on
 the kids went and found a spot AWAY from the camp to make their OWN camp. and spent the rest of the evening there. making their own place. AWESOME
 then it was cake time for joey. i took her into the store to pick out her cake. she choose dbl chocolate fudge. and it was really good!  id pick it myself!  we celebrated her birthday on sat and she was COVERED in chocolate!
 blowing out her sparkler. haha
 more fort/camp building