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visit part 2

 sunday the sun was mostly out. so we packed up the vans and headed to the land to explore the land and have lunch cooked on the fire
katie rode with us
 and i got a peek at this bad boy. the backhoe. hiding in the trees. ha
 great camo job chris
 the ids watching the fire
 we took a walk to the river which was fun, i got to see more of the land that i havent seen before and we found this. i wonder how in the world they got the materials down there???  the glass windows are all blown out and i didnt go in to look
 ursi helping joey
 nate watching the river
 back at the camp the kids were hungry so we tossed some hot dogs, ham and sausages to eat
 it was nice to chill, relax and catch up
 miss maya. relaxing. such a hoot she is
 and i found these selfies on my phone. wonder who did it? hahaha
 i see you!
 too many cooks in the kitchen
 ellie entertained us by kissing ryder. on her plate. she thought this was super funny. ha
 see. ryder
 beauties in the forest
 trying to sneak a life back to the vans
 nate with uncle jeff's tree saw
 chris giving the kids a ride in the backhoe. i havent set foot in it yet
 up close