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the land!

 i havent said much about this on the blog. im fearing the backlash of "bragging" so ive kept quiet about this whole land thing....but ill share whats going on

back in january chris and i were talking one night and i shared with him a dream of mine and for soe reason he "listened" to what i was saying from my heart.  i have always dreamed of having a cabin in the woods. but its never been something i thought would be a reality. the cost being the big thing.  but htis one night i said something that chris got.  what if having a cabin was something we could do that we would have physical value in. meaning, chris could see it's worth.  he stopped and thought about it...

around this time jason invited us to use his cabin when ever we wanted it in exchange for chris's handyman labour.  win win!  during one of our visits we started talking more serious about this whole cabin dream of mine

when we got home chris spent the next 2 months gathering information, calling EVERYONE from the bank to the sewage management, building permits, property tax, cabin owners to plumbers, construction workers, trades men to electricians.  farmers to local people to the government of n.b to well EVERYONE! 

after many hours of planning, net working, plotting and planning.  chris and i sat down to talk about budget and dreams.

i simply wanted a cabin in the woods.  chris fell in like with the plan and off we went (ok, he.  he did ALL the work)

we started taking drives in the cold winter months to look at land and areas to figure out what we wanted.  i was surprised by what i learned about myself. and chris found a spot of land that he fell in love with.  me? not so much. the area was NOT what i wanted, location and land wise but after 3 visits to listen to what chris saw, i finally saw it too

we found a piece of land that was in the budget. and only a 30 min drive from my house

after much drama we put an offer in and bought the land about 2 wks ago.  we plan on building our little cabin (under 999 square feet to stay under the building permit budget. haha) next fall

but im still in shock.  i cant believe it.  i own land, with a river and trees!  we are going to build a cabin for our family! 

so last night in between the rain showers, we met up with a guy that dug us 3 holes to test where our sewage system will go...thats another story for another day....and we found a great spot! 
 the kids had so much fun out there. nate had his axe!
 and i had my bug hat. and i dont care how silly i look. no bugs bugged me! i want to buy one that has longer netting....and i LOVE that i didnt need bug spray!
 following the excavator
 silly joey!
 ellie was in awe of this big beast
 she chased it around
 and we watched it dig us holes
 and nate jumped in
 and joey followed and stayed the rest of the visit
 ellie too
 they had SO much fun with the dirt!
the kids were SO dirty!  they went right into the bath when we got home.  but they had so much fun getting dirty!