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biker girl!

 monday after nana and papa left ellie informed me that she was ready to learn how to ride a bike.  i pulled nates old toddler bike out (that he never used) and after .5 seconds she was off.  we rode to the park together and played
 so proud of my little big girl
 love the fierce look of serious on her face
 we had a lot of rain this week. so i did as much inside that i could think of (thats free) with the kids, we went to the library, costco, walmart, the mall...and the rest we spent  making crafts, reading and watching t.v....funny story. i put the amy charmicheal story on for the kids yesterday morning.  its a cartoon from the torchlighter's series. it was a story about how a mom dropped her little girl off at the temple (in india in the 1900's) as a sacrifice to the gods.  it was age approp for nate and the girls were a bit young for it. anyways, one of the scenes the girl was screaming for her mom to bring her back home.  so this am nate found the girls playing in the front room yelling "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO take me homeeeeeeeeee"  nate asked them what they were doing. ellie said " we are playing temple girl" from the movie.  dont tell me kids dont pick up on things!
 i found the girls like this the other morning
 they are getting so big!
 and adorable!
joey has had a hard time getting up from her 2 hr naps this week.  i woke her up the other day and she was quite cranky so i left her on the couch and told her to come up when she chooses to be happy and i went outside with the other 2.  after 30mins i went looking for her and found her like this.  still napping on the couch. haha

joey loves her eats and sleeps