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 after i bathed the girls, i had plans to get out for some alone/me time. but before i left the house i found this little, clean, freshly bathed girl....with eye liner on!  she watched me put mine on and copied me...i laughed and laughed, she was so scared that she was going to get into trouble.  i told her NOT to touch my make up again and she was not going to be disciplined. she then put her arms (i was holding her) around me next and said "im so happy! im not in trouble" haha
 adorable, messy, little joe
 sunday morning ellie picked out her dress, after i did her hair she went to her mirror and said "if papa saw me he would say "wow ellie, you look like a little lady"  does that not sound like he would say that?!  then she wrote you a letter....
 joey picked out her dress and got dressed by herself....see
 GREAT job joey!  and yes, those would be her ever present dinosaurs in her hand
 us girls
 sunday afternoon the family all worked together to mulch up the much neglected flower beds.  it took us 1.5 hrs and everyone helped. now, im not as embarrassed by my front yard. ha
 so perty, cant wait for the lilies to bloom
 we mulched around all the trees as well
 look how tall the trees are getting!
after finishing the lawn, we packed up the crew and hit up the land....


Anonymous said...

Your gardens look awesome. It's amazing what difference some time and mulch makes, eh?
Love Joey's make-up. My girls did that once-with blue and red marker- while we had our boss's boss at our house for a meal. Not my proudest mommy moment ��

mel said...

but mommy moments make GREAT stories. ler me tell you the one when joey threw a temper tantrum at the library last week....sigh....but the great thing is moms GET these moments and tend to be more gentle. haha

hows your veggie garden going?