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sometime last week...

 i found these on my phone. wonder who it could be? haha
 it has been SO very hot this week.  ive stayed close to the house, where i can enjoy the a/c and the kids can use the pool to cool down.  i found these two like this...awwww
 tues night i treated myself to a massage. oh my it was SO very nice to be in silence for an hr.  it was amazing!  thanks parenting tues night chris and putting the girls to bed. it was nice to get out!
 wed morning i woke up to 2 girls joining me in bed for snuggles and cuddles. i LOVE this time with them
 joey still waking up on my left
 ignore my wet hair. i just got out of the shower
 ellie on my right.  it was awesome
 i brought out the water paint book. thank you ursi for showing it to me!!!!  joey spent 1.5 HRS painting with it today alone.  she LOVES it!
 me and my ellie girl!


Ursi said...

So happy to hear that Joey likes the water book. It's so fun, even for the older kids. And it's mess free and reusable. Someone was thinking when they came up with that one!!

mel said...

ok, i think i need to get her a new one, joey paints the book up to 6 times a DAY! i cant believe how much time she spends with a bowl of water and paint brush. i find shes super calm and relaxed after she paints...maybe thats why i enjoy coloring. haha. seriously, i need to ger her a new book soon! thanks for the BEST idea!!!