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 ellie crawled into bed sun morning for some daddy time. she sure loves her daddy!

sunday was the first in a very long time....we all went to church together.  i dropped joey's nap permanently last week (hey no nap means early bed times!) and she went into the 3 yr old class. i know the teachers and i trust that she will be ok.  when we got there we found out they combined all the ages 2,3 and 4 yr olds in one big class so ellie was able to stay with joey the whole time. they had a blast! and joey is excited to go to her own class next week...
 pics before we left
 chris was impressed with the new pastor. i promise. this is just his happy face!
 nate sat with us.  he likes the adult service better. so proud of my boy
 we took the kids in to shediac to see the lobster, play at the park, see the fish and i did some window shopping...then we topped it all off with ice cream. that would be my idea. haha
 it was SO windy.  us.  getting old together! haha
 throwing rocks in the water
 father son chats at the dock
 it was a beautiful day to go
 i tried to keep my heart calm and at peace...learning to rest on him