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dbl digits!

today marks a huge day in our house!  nate hit the double digits!  he is now officially 10!  he is spending this day at  magic mountain with his friend. its weird to not have him around today.  the girls miss him and i do too!

i can not believe that it has been 10 YEARS since they put your little baby body on my chest.  you changed my life in ways i cant describe.  you have brought so much to my life my son, i love you so much.  i was talking to your dad this morning and i was reflecting on the best time n my life. i immediately knew when that was.  it was after your dad went back to work, you would be around 10 months- about 2.5. those yrs were awesome for me.  i had my little buddy and i took him with me everywhere i went.  around 2 you started sleeping with me, dad would take you out when he came to bed. you were my little pal.  i loved having those 5 yrs just us

the last 5 yrs have been life changing for me. once you hit 5 i started the journey of home school. those first 2 yrs were shaky, confusing, frustrating and many tears were shed.  but know what bud? we got through it.  just like everything in life. we will get through it.  i love having home, and i love home educating you. im proud of the young man you are becoming.  i love watching god change your heart. i love seeing you read his word. i can see christ's love in you when you speak and spend time with your sisters and your friends.  you have such character. you are strong and know what you want....even when its NOT what i want you to do. ha.  i see you stopping and correcting yourself, i hear you apologizing to me and your dad, i see you with your dad. helping him and learning from him.  i love you so much buddy

know what i really love?  the chats we have when no one is around. from the late nights on the couch talking about deep and serious issues, to me dropping in on you and chatting on your couch in your room.  i love hearing your thoughts and opinions. and i cherish the trust you have with me.  i know sometimes you prefer to talk to dad and that's OK!  but i like how you will talk to me when he's not around

i love you so much nate. i thank god for you. may this year be the best year yet, filled with wisdom, self control, love and all that god has for you

i love you!

matthew 6:21


Papa said...

Buddy Nate

Read the words written here and always remember them, they come from a very loving, caring and devoted Mother's heart. These are the words that can move mountains, can fix almost every hurt, can make you feel awesome even when maybe your wrong, these MY little man are words of wisdom for a long healthy life.

May your 10th year become your greatest year.

Love Papa John

mel said...

thank you very much papa i love you to